New opportunities for Advertisers

Every day Push notifications gain increasing popularity among advertisers. This popularity comes from the possibility of user segmentation by geo, devices, cities, languages ​​and categories of interests. Another advantage is that the message comes to the user's device when they are online, so it’s impossible for them to miss the message. This factor is focused more on the advertised product or service, and therefore clicks are more purposeful. It is also worth noting that those who subscribed to the notifications are more tolerant to them


What is the minimum amount of replenishment and which payment systems do you use?

The minimum amount of replenishment is 25$. The account balance can be replenished through payment systems: WMZ - WMR - Yandex - Bitcoin - Bank cards – Russian mobile operators.

Do you have cashback?

Yes, it is 7% of the amount spent per month. Every first day of the month, you will receive 7% of the amount spent in the previous month on your advertiser's account balance.

Is there an affiliate program for advertisers?

Yes, you will receive 5% of all expenses of the referral.

What advertising topics are allowed?

Almost all spheres of advertising are allowed: Applications, E-Commerce, Finance, Blockchain, Dating, Medicine, Gambling, Content. Forbidden topics include: adult, viruses, fraudulent sites. In case of violation of the rules, karma punishes you through suspension with blocking all your campaigns and balance.

What payment models do you work with??

You can advertise on a CPC model.

How often are statistics updated?

Statistics update in real time.

What operating systems and browsers does the service support??

The service supports the following operating systems and browsers:
Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.
Desktop - Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Safari.
Mobile - Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung browser, Android browser, Yandex.

Macros for ad text of the promotional campaign?

[CITY] - City, without declension
[COUNTRY] - Country, without declension

Macros for URL of the promotional campaign?

[SID] - site id
[AID] - ad id
[PID] - subscription id in the system
[CID] - campaign id
[CLICK_ID] - id of the click in the system

Push.Guru использует файлы “cookie” с целью персонализации сервисов и повышения удобства пользованием веб-сайтом. “Cookie” представляют собой небольшие файлы,содержащих информацию о предыдущих поещениях веб-сайта. Если вы не хотите использовать файлы “cookie” , измените найстройки браузера.
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