Stable income for Webmasters

Native advertising such as Push notifications gains great popularity as a way to further monetize any type of traffic from any country. When users are willing to receive interesting materials directly on their devices, they easily agree to a subscription. The number of subscribed site visitors can reach up to 12% of the daily traffic volume. Thanks to user targeting, advertisers have a huge demand for this format of advertising, which makes it possible for webmasters to receive a decent reward without taking up additional advertising space on the site. It gives this direction privileges in monetization without lowering already existing incomes.


Do you work with sites without SSL certificate?

Yes. We work with any sites whether or not they have SSL certificate.

Minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount is $5. You can withdraw money through the following payment systems: WMZ - WMR - Yandex Money - Qiwi - Bank cards – Russian mobile operators. Payments for the previous week are made from Wednesday to Friday.

What do you receive money for?

Payment is made for the click of a unique user. (CPC)

How much can I earn with your service?

Your profit depends on the number and quality of subscribers as well as GEO. You can calculate an approximate income using the online calculator on the home page.

What percentage webmasters receive from the advertising content and from the affiliate program?

The guaranteed percentage of charges on advertising is 70% of the advertiser's price and 5% under the affiliate program.

What sites do you accept and with what traffic?

You can convert traffic from sites of any subject without restrictions, with the exception of sites prohibited by the rules of the system. There is no required traffic volume, but you should understand that the more traffic, the more subscriptions you will get and earn from them.

If I do not have a website, but I have traffic from other sources, can I work with you?

Yes, definitely. The system has direct links to which you can lead traffic from your sources.

Which countries do you accept?

We have no Geo restrictions.

Do your landing pages adapt to user language?

All landing pages are displayed in accordance with the user's language preference.

How is your service treated by search engines?

Our service has no problems with search engines.

How often are statistics updated?

Statistics update in real time. The number of hits is updated every 5 minutes.

Which operating systems and browsers does the service support?

The service supports the following operating systems and browsers:
Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android.
Desktop - Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Safari.
Mobile - Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung browser, Android browser, Yandex.

Can I additionally monetize my traffic using your service?

Our service does not conflict with any other known types of monetization, so you can additionally monetize your traffic without any difficulties.

How long will push notifications be shown to subscribers?

Push notifications will be displayed until the user unsubscribes, respectively, you will earn for this entire period.

Macros for Postback?

[PROFIT] - subscription sales profit
[PDP_ID] - unique subscription id in the system
[SID] - site id
[CLICK_ID] - unique id of the click in the system
[SUB1] - your sub1 parameter
[SUB2] - your sub2 parameter
[SUB3] - your sub3 parameter
[SUB4] - your sub4 parameter

How to send traffic to your links when subscribing or unsubscribing?

When a user subscribes, you can further forward them to our other domain or your site via “Trafficback URL” which is indicated in the personal account for each site separately. If you want to redirect traffic when someone unsubscribes from another URL, you should add to the end of the link: &b=
Push.Guru can be changed to your domain.

Push.Guru использует файлы “cookie” с целью персонализации сервисов и повышения удобства пользованием веб-сайтом. “Cookie” представляют собой небольшие файлы,содержащих информацию о предыдущих поещениях веб-сайта. Если вы не хотите использовать файлы “cookie” , измените найстройки браузера.
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